Welcome to MontCode

A Free Code Camp Campsite
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Remixed from Stephen Mayeux's Presentation / Github Repository

What is MontCode?

  • A local community of people learning to code
  • Primary learning from freeCodeCamp.com but members can learn any code from any source.
  • Anybody can .join()!
  • Weekly online chats
  • Biweekly Meetups

What is Free Code Camp (FCC)?

  • Global community of people learning to code
  • Specializes in = [beginners, HTML, CSS, JavaScript];
  • Anybody can .join()!
  • MontCode is an offical campsite of FCC

What will we do?

  • Learn HTML, CSS, & JavaScript from FCC
  • Learn from each other
  • Build websites and apps together
  • Socialize and have fun

How to start

  • Create your account at FCC
  • Review the 8-minute guide
  • For more detailed information, go to the Wiki

Other Resources

Code Academy

  • It's free
  • Very good step-by-step tutorials
  • Includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Includes other languages as well
  • Sometimes buggy, but usually great

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Other Resources

The Odin Project

  • Free
  • Tons of recommended reading
  • Teaches ‘soft skills’ e.g. getting hired
  • Touches on JavaScript, but focuses mainly on Ruby on Rails

Other Free Resources

Other Paid Resources

  • Code School: Learn by doing (≈$29/mo)
  • Treehouse: Popular site (≈$25-$49/mo)
  • Lynda: A Linkedin Company (≈$25-$35/mo)
  • Skillcrush (Priced per path, ≈$400)
  • Udemy: Many courses, some better than others (Cost and Quality varies widely)

A Recommendation

FCC provides HTML and CSS tutorial that can be supplemented with Code Academy.

jQuery and JavaScript modules in FCC are considered by some to be less introductory, other free resources may be optimal for beginners.

Don't restrict yourself to one resource;
experimentation is essential to learning!

What do I need to code?

  • Computer with a modern operating system
  • Modern webbrowser. I recommend Chrome.
  • Internet Connection
  • Accounts at github.com and CodePen.io
  • A text editor (optional):

What if I get stuck?

Let’s Start!